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Paterno' (CT)

luigi floridia quadri elettrici azienda 1Luigi Floridia - Electric starters is a manufacturing company based in Paternò, Sicily, Italy.

The company was established 40 years ago by Mr. Luigi Floridia, who transferred his experience in the business of water wells drilling to the field of electrotechnics applied to agricultural and industrial processes.   

Our core business is the design and manufacturing of electro-mechanical and electronic equipment for the automation sector, to be used on water pumps (submersible, electropumps, motor pumps) and agricultural, civil and industrial automation.

The production facility extends over an area of 10.000 m², with an indoor workshop of 2500 m², equipped with the most advanced machinery and tools.

Thanks to the dedicated research for innovation and cutting-edge devices, Luigi Floridia - Electric starters holds a prominent position both nationally and internationally in the domain of electric and electronic automation, that allowed it to make business with 64 nations from all over the world.

luigi floridia quadri elettrici aziendaThe high standard of our products is demonstrated by  ISO 9000:2015 and IQNet certifications, obtained thanks to the quality of our production processes.

Luigi Floridia - Electric starters aims to provide every customer with quality, products reliability and competitive prices. Our company focuses on developing tailor-made products, shaped on customers' requirements.

The company's Design Department is devoted to constantly enhancing our equipment and developing new prototypes, with the aim of marketing leading-edge products, that can challenge any competitor all over the world.

Our highly qualified team is committed to follow up and satisfy every technical and commercial request of our customers. Moreover, we provide a quick response time, prompt availability of our technicians,  presales consultancy and after sales services such as remote assistance.


Product Types

Years of experience




Manufacturing of electric control panels for commanding and controlling industrial automations, such as electropumps and motor pumps.


Internal design of electric schemes and electronic cards for each control panel.


Product customization based on the specific requirements of each customer.


Asistance for electro-mechanical and electronic control panels. Remote assistance via telephone, WhatsApp and Skype.

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